Teaser Number Three – RoboCop

Here’s a short snippet from a chapter I’ve called RoboCop.

Bollocks. I was going to have to go and confront him and attempt to get him to go back to the back of the queue. I knew I was going to be in for a battle. He was with his ‘gang’. He’s not going to back down in front of them. I was on my own, and he knew it, so I was fucked if he wanted to kick off.

I walked towards him. He saw me coming. “What’s up Robocop?” he said, looking me up and down. I used this to my advantage, I was going to have to get into a conversation to buy me some time and hope that a colleague would come and give me a hand. I wasn’t holding out for much hope.

Dinner queue supervision was one of the jobs you did your best to avoid. The rule was that there should always be two officers supervising, but that would rarely happen. “Why do you all call me RoboCop?”, I asked, but I knew why. Marvin sucked his teeth, “Look at tyou, man, walking around wid your ear piece and da radio”.

“Really? Is that why you call me Robocop? Because I wear and ear piece?”

* this is an unedited first draft excerpt.

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