Teaser Number Two – The Gunman

Here’s teaser number two taken from a chapter called The Gunman.  

I let Mr Pilbeam know that I was ready and he opened the door and I walked in. “GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR, NOW”. Fucking hell, I thought…it was the gun man!! I was face to face with Mr Guthrie with a hand gun in his hand. I didn’t react immediately to his command. “GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR.”, he bellowed again and this time took a step towards me and put the gun into my face.

This time I did as I was told. “DON’T FUCKING MOVE OR I’LL SHOOT YOUR HEAD OFF”. OK I thought. So if I move, I fail…this was the advice I was given. I laid there motionless. I’ve nailed this test. Piece of piss…just lay here and do as I’m told.

* this is an unedited first draft excerpt.

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