You’re Not the Officer We Are Looking For

This is teaser number 9 from my first book I’m currently writing.  This teaser takes place during the prison officer training course.  Please forgive and spelling of grammar mistakes in any of my teasers on this web site.  These teasers are very much in their 1st draft states.

Officer Pilbeam was first to rise from his chair. As he stood, he took off his glasses. That was unusual. I remember thinking that he had never taken his glasses off at all so far. He looked everyone in the eye before he spoke. I felt uncomfortable in my chair. I noticed a few other confused looking faces around me. There was nobody missing, so he wasn’t about to tell us that somebody had died.

“I thought we made ourselves perfectly clear at the start of this course that we expect everyone to follow our rules. We don’t have many rules, but the rules we do have, we expect you to follow”. Both Maple and Guthrie nodded in unison to show their agreement. “All we ask is for your attention and co-operation when we require it. That way we all get along and things go as smoothly as possible. Wouldn’t you agree Officer Maple?”, he asked without turning around. Pilbeam kept his eyes on us, trying to get as many people to make eye contact with him as possible.
“Absolutely, Mr Pilbeam, it’s one of the most important things we ask as instructors”, came Maple’s sturn reply.
“Mr Guthrie, can you remind me of one of the rules that we specifically asked everybody to obey. One of those rules that if were to be broken was punishable by being expelled from the course all together”.
“Would it be not to park in the staff car park under any circumstances, Mr Pilbeam?”
“Precisely that. Thank you, Mr Guthrie.” Pilbeam made his way back to his chair and Gutherie and Maple both stood to join him on their feet. They were lined up together in a show of unity. “So you can imagine my disappointment when I received a call from the Governor this morning to inform me that some of our trainee officer’s were seen using the staff car park”.

Shit, I thought, how the fuck did the Governor find out. I glanced over to Alan. He was oblivious to my stare towards him. Mick was the same…they both had amazing poker faces. They didn’t show any sign of surprise or guilt.
“Now, we appreciate that there is no need for everybody to be here to listen to us deliver the punishment”, explained Pilbeam. “So if you believe you are not the culprits from this morning, you may leave the classroom and help yourself to another cup of coffee”. Nobody said a word as they stood up and made their way towards the classroom door.

I remained seated. Unfortunately, my two other partners in crime decided NOT to remain with me and headed off out of the classroom. I got no eye contact from either of them. As the classroom emptied I was left seated. But not alone. Also remaining seated were Claire and Rachel. 2 of only 3 female trainee officers on the course. They both had their heads down. I thought that Rachel was nearly in tears. Officer Pilbeam walked slowly over towards me. He bent down and whispered in my face “Well, what have you got to say for yourself, OSullivan?”

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