The Fourth Teaser from Lee’s Writing a Book

A short excerpt from a chapter I finished writing some weeks ago.  It’s currently an untitled chapter.

I was tasked with unlocking the 2’s landing ready for breakfast. Everybody gets unlocked for breakfast. So unlocking the whole wing at the same time could be a frantic affair. Some offenders would be ready and waiting by their door and would bolt out as soon as it was opened. Others would remain in bed and wait for the breakfast commotion to settle down before making their way down to the canteen area.

As I approached cell 213, I knew that Haliday would of probably finished shaving his head and be in no rush to get out of his cell for breakfast. As soon as I unlocked his door, he flew out almost knocked me over. He was screaming with his head covered in blood. It was running down his forehead all the way down to his chin.

* this is an unedited first draft excerpt.

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