Editing YouTube Videos for Brooke Lyn

I have been very fortunate to edit a couple of YouTube videos for Brooke Lyn.  The first video is a vlog following Brooke on her way to a photoshoot.  This vlog also includes the photoshoot that i set to music and turned into a short montage.

The second vlog is all about Brook Lyn’s short trip to Dubai.   She is joined by one of her close friends.  Brooke’s bright personality really shines through in these vlogs.  It’s a real shame that she has not recorded any new vlogs since May 2018.

I really enjoyed editing YouTube videos from Brooke Lyn.  Lets hope she returns to YouTube very soon!

YouTube Video Editor Available to Hire

YouTube Video Editor Available to Hire

I’m available to hire as your YouTube editor.  I work from home and am always interested in editing fresh new content and getting involved with YouTubers.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to email me lee@leeosullivan.com

I have worked with various YouTubers in the past.   I work from home and have the very latest in internet connection, so I can upload and download your content very quickly.

Sommer Ray Video Editing on YouTube

Sommer Ray Video Editing on YouTube

When I was asked to edit videos for Sommer Ray, I was like sure, no problem.  I must admit I had never heard of her, but she was pretty big on Instagram.  BIG!! Yes indeed…OVER 18 Million followers on Instagram!

Sommer Ray posts pictures and stories of herself in fitness wear.  She is a fitness model who has an incredible army of loyal Instagram fans.

I have not edited many videos of Sommer Ray (with Contrast Media) so far, but I am very much looking forward to editing much more very soon.

Editing for YouTuber LazyRon (Aaron Wassabi)

Editing for YouTuber LazyRon (Aaron Wassabi).

If I recall correctly, Aaron Wassabi was the first YouTuber that I edited for.  I was asked to carry out a test edit using LazyRon footage.

After submitting my test edit, I was offered to edited more and more Aaron Wasabi videos.  Editing for Lazyron was a lot of fun.  I was asked to edit in a faced paced and exciting way.  I also had to add graphics and music.

Aaron is the brother of the very popular Alex Wassabi.  Alex is featured in some of the LazyRon video along with Aaron’s best friend Veronica (Roni) Merrell.

Here are some of the YouTube Videos that I edited for LazyronStudios (Aaron Wassabi) in conjunction with Contrast Media :-

First Puppy Party
Insane Brothers Birthday Surprise (featuring Alex Wassabi)
We’re Going TO Cabo
Secret Birthday Location
Impossible Pick Up Challenge!!

YouTube Editing for Brennan Taylor’s YouTube Channel

YouTube Editing for Brennen Taylor’s YouTube Channel

I have edited 5 YouTube videos for popular YouTuber Brennen Taylor.  Brennen has over 1.7 million YouTube Subscribers.

Here is an example of a Brennen Taylor YouTube video that I edited, working for Contrast Media :

More examples of the YouTube videos that I edited for Brennen Taylor.

YouTube Pranks Exposed – Fake or Real
Prank Calling YouTubers – Fake Fan
Birthday Surprise He’ll Never Forget
Surprised My Sister With Her Favorite YouTubers

Video Editing for VitalyTV YouTube Channel

Video Editing for VitalyTV YouTube Channel

In total I edited 8 YouTube videos for the VitalyTV YouTube Channel. Working for Contrast Media, I was given footage to edit at approximately 8am and was asked to have a finished edit by 4pm BST.

Vitaly currently has over 9.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Here is an example of one of the eight videos I edited for VitayTV.

I enjoy creating the fast paced, quick cut style for these kinds of videos. It is also enjoyable adding the text effect and images.

Here are more video that I edited for Vitaly TV.

Crazy News Years
You Won’t Believe What She Bought Me
I Got Her Some Naughty Presents
Disturbing the Peace at Target
Burning My Roommates Yeezy’s Prank
Attacked by Gangsters on Venice Beach
NELK Trying To Pick Up Girls

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The 100DayVlogChallenge on YouTube

I set a challenge for small YouTubers to join me in trying to record and upload daily vlogs for 100 days in a row.

The main in doing this was to give me some motivation to start vlogging more often. I really enjoy creating and editing videos, so vlogging seemed to be a good use of my interests.

However…as you will probably figure out by watching some of my 100DaysVlogChallenge videos, daily vlogging is not as easy as it sounds. Thinking of ideas, recording, and editing daily vlogs that must be at least 3 minutes in length is much harder than it seems.

Here are some of the small YouTubers that have either attempted or are still attempting the #100daysvlogchallenge.

Lee OSullivan
219 Films
Wozza GoPro Vlogging
Big Willy to Slim Willy

A Day with Jaye
Her with the Rose Tattoo
Tasha Jones
Reece Powell

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Freelance Video Editor from Kent, UK

I am a freelance video editor from Aylesham in Kent,  England.   I have been editing videos more or less everyday since 2013.

I am currently editing using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  I also have experience using Final Cut Pro.

I am able to work from my home office and I have a fibre optic “to the house” internet connection that allows to to upload and download very quickly.

Request my showreel via email lee@leeosullivan.com