Teaser Number Six – The Fish Out of Water

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been struggling to finish an important chapter of my book.  I really had to get it right before continuing with a new chapter.  I felt that I couldn’t just leave it and go back to it another day.  If I did, I’ll be continuously thinking about it whilst trying to write a new chapter.

Here’s a short excerpt from a chapter that is currently called The Fish Out of Water.  I think it will be changed before I actually publish the book.

My stomach turned over with butterflies as I inhaled as much air as I could through my nose. Fucking hell, I thought, was a whole morning in a heath and safety refresher course better than being on the wings?

My palms began to sweat. I suddenly felt like the proverbial fish out of water. Way out of my depth. I haven’t even been on a wing yet for a full day and I was regretting being there. My only positive thought was that I don’t remember Danny being the toughest or brightest of kids at school.

Maybe he hated the job as much as I didn’t actually want to do it. Perhaps his version of ‘a bit rough’ was different to mine. I just had to remind myself that I just had to survive 5 days for now and then it was back to the comfort of another 6 weeks of training before coming back here again.

Coffee break ended…it was time to face the music.

*This excerpt is a first draft, unedited version.

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Book Teaser One – The Hospital Bollocking

From time to time I am going to release extracts from the book I am currently writing.  I’ll announce the extract on Facebook with a direct link to the newly released extract.

Here we go with extract number one – The Hospital Bollocking.

Clive was just about to put pen to paper when a nurse came running into the room. “Do you have any idea where your prisoner is?”, she exclaimed. Clive and I looked at each other…the worst case scenario…had he escaped?

“He’s still in the toilet, he can’t go very far”, replied Clive, who had managed to keep a calm tone to his voice, but I knew he was just as worried as I was right now.

“Yes, I know he’s in the toilet, but he’s lucky he hasn’t BLOWN US ALL UP. **** *** ***** ****** * ***** ********”. She was giving us a right telling off. I felt like a schoolboy being told off by the headmaster for the very first time.

I was hoping that Clive would take control and deal with it. But my mouth opened and out came the words… “He’s only having a fag”. The nurse looked at me square in the face, but then looked at my epaulette’s on my shoulder, no doubt making a mental note of my officer number so she could report me.

* this is an unedited first draft excerpt.

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