Social Media Advertising via Video Content

As a push to try and gain more visitors to my web site, I decided to add my domain name to a video that I edited together from video clips of drone footage of Canterbury and its Surrounding Villages. The idea was for people to see the video and see my domain name watermarked on the video and hopefully then visit my web site.

I decided not to include a web link when I posted it on Facebook. I didn’t want people think that my web site would feature more drone videos. I was hoping that it might generate a few extra visitors and generate a bit of interest in a local guy starting his novel writing career.

I posted this drone video to a Canterbury group and it has gained a lot of very positive comments about the video itself. Nothing at all about my web site. Nevermind. I’ve not lost anything by giving it a try.

YouTube Channel Set Up and Waiting for Content

Lee OSullivan on YouTubeAfter reading plenty of “How to…” articles over the last few days, I realise that I need to get myself on as many social media platforms as a possible can.

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time already and I’m obviously on Facebook, but a YouTube channel was something that I didn’t think would be required as a writer.

BUT I have read plenty of articles that suggest that having a YouTube channel can really help boost your potential to create a fan base that will hopefully buy your books.

So I have followed that advice and set up my Lee OSullivan Writer YouTube channel.  I’m now in need of ideas of how to actually fill it with video content.  I don’t think that there is a huge gap in the market for videos of just writers typing away at a keyboard.  So a little ‘thinking outside the box’ is needed if I’m going to get a YouTube channel off the ground.

So far I have 3 concrete ideas in my head that I can quickly and easily film on a phone, edit and publish on YouTube in the coming weeks.  After that, I hope to have more ideas on how to generate enough content to keep any subscribers up to date.

Admittedly, I’m not blessed with the ability to be able to sit in front of a camera and waffle on like some YouTube presenters are, so my videos will be short and to the point.  I’ll have my first YouTube video online in a week or two.