Upgrade – A Film on NOWTV Reviewed

Upgrade - A Film on NOWTV Reviewed

I was recommended to watch Upgrade – A film on NOWTV by a friend over a Skype conversation.  The wife and I often get to around 9pm in the evening and scan the movies on NOWTV for something different to watch.

Upgrade – A Film on NOWTV Reviewed in a nutshell.

So we sat down to watch Upgrade starring Logan Marshall-Green as Grey.  He starts the film as a classic car motor mechanic.  In first few minutes of the film the colour palette used make you feel as though you are watching Michael Bay Transformers movie. BUT you then realise that this movie is set a 10-20 years in the future from today.

Grey is a technophobe.  He prefers to work with his hands.  He preferred the way the world was before the human race relied heavily on computers and technology.  He doesn’t trust technology and he also doesn’t trust himself using the technology around him.  The skies are patrolled by drones that are used as the eyes and ears of the police force.

Logan Marshall-Green looks very much like a cross between Tom Hardy and that guy from 50 Shades of Grey…Jamie Dornan

In Upgrade – A Film on NOWTV,  without giving too many spoilers away here, but Grey finds himself paralysed from the neck down.  He become dependant on his wheel chair and other robotic technology in him house to do day to day chores.  He’s really not a happy bunny about this.

So when he is offered a way of being able to walk again, it was an offer to hard to refuse.  Even if it meant that he would have to rely on the technology he resented the most. Artificial Intelligence.

I have never heard of this film before.  I would of never given it a second thought unless it was recommended to me.  To be honest, the film poster and blurb makes it look and sound like an old 80’s cheesy sci-fi movie, and in parts it actually resembles one.

The robotic walk that Logan Marshall-Green has to perform is a little comical in places, and the voice in his head does sound like an 80’s arcade game voice.

If you are looking to waste a couple of hours and have nothing else to watch, then this will be a good time waster.  I managed to watch the full video and I really enjoyed the ending. It was a refreshing kind of ending in my opinion.

I would give it a 65/100 rating.