Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Times and Situations

There are times during writing a novel that a writer can just become stuck at a certain point in the plot or they hit the dreaded writer’s block.

I have found myself at this stage recently.  I know where I want my storyline to go, but I need a connection between where the story is now and where it needs to be in two or three chapters time.

Footbridge over a railwayJust when I thought this was going to take a long time to figure out, BAM, I’m stood underneath an abandoned steel footbridge that has been consumed by ivy and  left to rot.

I discovered this footbridge whilst on a walk with two of my children.  We where following the route of a dismantled railway line that runs through parts of the Kent countryside.  The tracks are no longer there but the steep banks and tree canopy guided us through where steam engines once travelled.

The line is heavily over grown.  We had just managed to crawl under a fallen tree and there we were greeted with the sight of the footbridge.  It spanned across our path.  The steel frame was rusting away and the wooded slates were rotting away on the ground where they had fallen.

So just a random walk in the countryside has delivered a bridge way between a major part in my novel.  I can now sit and write my next two, maybe three chapters using this location as a focal point.  I took plenty of photographs to keep as reference to help me describe the details. I wish I took some video footage too for my YouTube Channel.  I can, of course use artist licence to exaggerate certain aspects of the location, but as a starting point, it is a perfect location.

So my point is that if you are suffering with writers block, or you just need a pinch of inspiration, don’t dispair, it could be just around the corner.

Lee OSullivan an Aspiring Writer, Writing his First Novel

Lee OSullivanI’m an aspiring author now living in Aylesham, Kent. I began to write a novel in 2007. It remained sitting on an old CD-ROM that I saved some old back-up files to. As my life changed, so did my spare time to continue to write.

So my days of trying to write a novel drifted away. Until I finally found myself with a great new job, a new house in the village of Aylesham in Kent. Luckily I have a habit of hoarding old CD-ROM’s for nostalgic reasons. So I was delighted that I had saved some of my early work on a novel that I intend to complete.

Now with more more time in the evenings to sit down and crack open a laptop. I can devote more time to work on a novel that has been knocking around in my brain for the best part of 15 years.

I have given myself a two year deadline to finish a first draft and start to think about letting anybody read it. I have given my two youngest children the first 20 pages to read, and their feedback was very encouraging.

I’m now in my very forties, and I intend to publish my fist novel in the next 3 years. Whether it is published by a publisher or whether I will need to self-publish remains to be seen.

I have even contemplated the idea of releasing episodes on a monthly blog. However, I don’t want to commit myself to tight deadlines, plus, I may change parts of the novel during the editing stages.