Chic Pursuit YouTube Blogger

I have been editing YouTube videos for Chic Pursuit YouTube Blogger.  I saw an advert for a video editor on the Indeed job web site.  I applied and was delighted to gat a very fast response. 

The first video I edited for Maria – Chic Pursuit

Maria who is the Chic Pursuit blogger had previously edited her own YouTube blogs, but she found the editing process time consuming.  Trying to write, blog and edit YouTube videos can be a time consuming and sometimes boring process.  So, that’s why she was advertising for an editor to free up her time to concentrate on blogging.

Chic Pursuit YouTube Blogger

I agreed to meet Maria in London to discuss editing her blogs for her.  The meeting took place just outside London Victoria Station. We discussed the logistics of her recording and sending me her video files so that I can doing them.

Maria is very intelligent.  It was very reassuring to know that she knew what she was doing and is definitely no time waster.  I since found out that she has a degree in chemistry.

Her online blog is very pleasing on the eye.  Maria explained that she receives approximately 50,000 unique visitors per month.  She is able to make a living blogging about fashion and clothes shopping hauls.

However, she has since decided to dedicate more time to her written blog rather than YouTube vlogging. For purely financial reasons, it made more sense for her to devote her time to making money from her blog rather than her youtube channel.

I’ll hopefully be editing at least one video per month for Maria.