Lee OSullivan an Aspiring Writer, Writing his First Novel

Lee OSullivanI’m an aspiring author now living in Aylesham, Kent. I began to write a novel in 2007. It remained sitting on an old CD-ROM that I saved some old back-up files to. As my life changed, so did my spare time to continue to write.

So my days of trying to write a novel drifted away. Until I finally found myself with a great new job, a new house in the village of Aylesham in Kent. Luckily I have a habit of hoarding old CD-ROM’s for nostalgic reasons. So I was delighted that I had saved some of my early work on a novel that I intend to complete.

Now with more more time in the evenings to sit down and crack open a laptop. I can devote more time to work on a novel that has been knocking around in my brain for the best part of 15 years.

I have given myself a two year deadline to finish a first draft and start to think about letting anybody read it. I have given my two youngest children the first 20 pages to read, and their feedback was very encouraging.

I’m now in my very forties, and I intend to publish my fist novel in the next 3 years. Whether it is published by a publisher or whether I will need to self-publish remains to be seen.

I have even contemplated the idea of releasing episodes on a monthly blog. However, I don’t want to commit myself to tight deadlines, plus, I may change parts of the novel during the editing stages.

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