Freelance YouTube Video Editor

As you read more of my blog, you will see that I am a freelance YouTube editor.  I have edited Vlogs for popular YouTubers such as Sommer Ray, LazyRon Studios, VitalyTVZ, Brooke Lyn and Brennon Taylor.  I have also just started editing for Maria  – Chic Pursuit.

youtube vlog editor

I live in the UK and I edit YouTube video from my home office using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on a 24 inch iMac or Macbook Pro.  I ave been using Premiere Pro for over 2 years and I also have experience using Final Cut Pro.

I also have plenty of years experience using Photoshop to create YouTube video thumbnails.

Why do YouTubers Employ Video Editors?

Simply because allows them more time to concentrate on creating more content.  Editing YouTube vlogs can be time consuming if it is not something you enjoy doing.  I, on the other hand, love editing videos.

I enjoy the whole process from start to finish.  I have a very fast fibre optic internet connection that allows me to download and upload video files very quickly.

What are Freelance YouTube Video Editing Rates?

This would depend on the amount of content that I would be editing.  As you can imagine, if I am sent 100’s of video files to scrub though, that would take time.  So the best thing YouTube vloggers can do is to just send the relevant files to their editor.  This will cut down on editing time as well as the final editing cost.

How Do I Contact a YouTube Video Editor?

You can contact me via email : – I am at my desk most of the day and most of the evening, so I will respond to any emails very quickly.  I am happy to travel to meet you if you are seriously interested in hiring me as you YouTube video editor.